The Milestones Thermal Bottle | 1.1 QT

The Milestones Thermal Bottle | 1.1 QT

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We’re proud to honor our 110-year legacy of innovation with the Stanley Milestones Collection. These limited-edition bottles come in three iconic looks inspired by favorite designs of the past. With throwback colors and retro anniversary logos . each harkens to a different era—classic 1920s Black Patina . shiny Garnet Gloss for the 1940s . and a 1960s-inspired Hammertone Silver. Fill them up for your weekend-long outdoor jazz festival or take along with you for a morning perusing the record store. Your drink stays hot or cold with state-of-the-art QuadVac™ insulation. When you are ready to sip and invite all the retro vibes . the double-wall . insulated steel lid doubles as a cup . too. 

Maximum of 20 units allowed per order. Feel free to combine colors!

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